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Our Story

So as I am writing this.. there is a big part of me that wants to be really lazy and outsource it to an overseas copy writer that can do this "Our Story Page" for me so I can spend my time on the beach drinking out of a coconut and just chillin

But I want you guys to hear this message from me

For those of you who don't know my name is Mike Vestil.. if you don't know me.. HOW DARE YOU. JK just catch up on my full background story here

So now that you are up to date perfect! A couple months back I sent out a survey to my amazing email list asking what type of business I should create next and this masterpiece was the brain child of the awesome entrepreneurs that read my daily email rants.

One of the biggest things that hit us hard was this fact... the average age of a ceo is around 50 YEARS OLD..

Don't believe me? Pish posh. Its on google.. so it has to be true

And i really think that sucks... imagine all the young budding entrepreneurs out there that think they are "too young" to make a difference..

I say screw that.. 

Why do we have to wait till we are older to enjoy the success? I say why can't we enjoy success now? Build a business, outsource everything, travel the world, and do stupid, yet strategically responsible, activities in the process

So I created

I'll be honest.. I didn't want to as I don't really like the spot light. But everything out there was all crap and the future of this world would be left to a bunch of idiots if we don't let our inner entrepreneur self shine through.

So to help show you that it is possible.. I will be doing random interviews with successful young entrepreneurs to show any one new to the world of entrepreneurship that there is no freaking limits when you use your mindset...

I'll be sending it out either on my YouTube Channel and upload it to the blog on this site so it can light a fire under your ass to take action

So join The Young CEO Club now! 

And together we can create one cool ass world.

P.S. We also make cool shirts... and we can make it in your favorite color.. as long as your favorite color is black.